Feeling A Little Bookish

A random collection.

I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days - three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.

—John Keats (via hotbloodedwomanchild)

Any resemblance to actual toys or children is unintentional. To open, press down while turning cap. Pixar and Renderman are registered trademarks of Pixar. Seatbelts save lives. No portion of this movie, including its soundtrack, may be reproduced in any manner or we won’t be your friends anymore. This bag is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.

—Tin Toy credits (via fuckyeahassortedstuff)

"There’s nothing ‘only’ about being a girl." —Sarah Jane Smith

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"The stolen glance is the oldest trick we know, yet definitely the most obvious sign of hidden admiration.”

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